Thursday, 31 January 2008

T2D Visit

Saturday 5th January 2007

The weather is excellent! I fancy A trip to Cambridge today, to go and see the guys at T2D. The reason for that is that I like the idea of 'slamming my ride.'Before I decide what I need to do, I want to make sure that all the modifications I will do will not be irreversible.I managed to get lost just before Burwell but as soon as I arrived close to the area, I knew it was there. A few split Screens where outside, some of them slammed to the ground, others still original height, even a Barndoor and a Samba. It’s like being in heaven. The door of the garage is open and a few guys where hanging around waiting for customers. I asked “Is it T2D?” and one of them replied “No it’s next door.” Some people are really in the wrong business.That’s it I am there, everybody is very busy, working on different projects. A crew cab has just had an IRS kit fitted; another guy is fitting drop spindles. Paul took me upstairs to discuss what will be the options.I don’t think I will be able to do the front and the back of the van in one go but I booked the Sat 5th April to do the complete Front Beam setup. So it’s going to be 4” Narrowed front beam, shorten leaves, slammed arms, Drop spindle, CSP Discs, double circuit brake. I also took the opportunity to reserve a Rancho gear box, coming straight from States. I can’t wait now !!!

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Christmas 2007

Wednesday 26th December 2007

Guess what Santa brought me for Christmas? All these books……..I should soon be up to scratch on rebuilding an engine.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Slough Swap meet

Sunday 11th November 2007

Today, direction Slough. This is the annual swap meet where it's possible to buy nearly anything related to Volkswagen aircooled. The swap meet is organised inside a sports complex. It's very good because all the traders have plenty of room to set up. Outside there are loads of enthusiasts with their vehicles, karmann, buggy, beetle, kombi, etc...

Have a look here !!

Monday, 28 January 2008

Ace Café

Saturday 10 November 2007

Ace Café

This weekend the SSVC has organised a meet up at the Ace Café in London. It is more a meet up than a car show. The car park is for sellers only, so all other vehicles must park on the road or even on the kerb, a few Beetles and other aircooled VW's turn up as well.
Usually a biker bar, the Ace Café is today full of Volkswagen fans, everybody is happy to have a beer and American burger on site. The atmosphere is very 50’s.
I have made this video to give you a feel of the day.

Nice Split !!!

I couldn't leave this show without treating myself so I had to buy this very nice 4" Narrowed Front Beam. Thanks to Paul from T2D.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Brighton Breeze 2007

Friday 28/29 September 2007

Back in April, I booked the Brighton Breeze ticket and a hotel for the weekend, but since then I have bought the van. Never mind, it is a very nice hotel with a sea view so I might as well enjoy it.

The sea front is empty on Friday afternoon. Only a bay window is there on Madeira drive.

It is time to contact Neil the president of the SSVC. He told me that I could leave the Kombi nearby at the campsite, where I know it will be safe overnight. I come back to the hotel to chill out for the evening.

Saturday morning 7a.m, time to pick up the van, I think I am the only one awake at this time of the morning in Brighton. By the time I came back to Madeira drive a few vans are already there. I park mine, and people are starting to arrive in a constant stream.

By lunch time the site is full, about 1000 Vans are there, it's amazing.

I have put a video on You Tube. Click on the Logo and Have a look.

A lot of trade stands are there as well, it is a very good atmosphere. And it's incredible to see so many vans on display in one road.

Madeira Drive (Brighton)

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Vanfest 2007

The camp.

Saturday 8/9 September 07

It's still dark but it's time to wake up. It's gonna be a good weekend.
The tools, the awning, the tent, the bedding, everything is in the van and it's time to leave. I am going for my first show and I hope I will make it without mishap. Malvern is 200 miles away according to the GPS and it should take 2 hours, but in a 1960 VW it might take a bit longer :-)
After a few stops on the way to check the oil and especially to recover from the uncomfortable hard bench seat, the show gates were in sight. About 100 Vans are already there. It was a good idea to leave early because there's still lots of space available to pick a good spot for camping.
The awning is up and the tent is ready, just to store all the stuff I don't need in the van. Tonight I will sleep in my camper...
The weather's great and the show's amazing, with 100's of volkswagan van owners and enthusiasts chilling out and admiring the vehicles. In the evening some bands where playing live music.

It's incredible the number of second hand parts you can buy at Vanfest.
A cool Van
Rat Look

Friday, 25 January 2008

Pick Up

Tuesday 21st August 07

The alarm clock rings and it’s time to go to the station, direction London to catch the train to Kent. The rain is so bad that it’s nearly impossible to see through the window. Eleven O’clock, time for the meeting with the bank manager to pick up the cash. The envelope is huge and it’s not the right time to get mugged. The big sea front house is now in front of me and Harvey is there waiting for me. Around a cup of tea we started to count the money and again we shake hands. That’s it, she is really mine now. The garage door open, here she is, waiting for me. By this time my heart was doing 3000 Beats/sec again. Harvey has put at the back of the Kombi the set of original wheels, the original petrol tank, the repro Westfalia awning some bits and pieces and the original Number Plate from California.
The engine is running, I indicate left to go to the narrow street, In my rear mirror I can see Harvey and all his family waving to me. I am taking their van away!!!I urgently needed to get my bearings and a feel for her, so I stopped at about 200m from the house on the sea front car park. By this time the sun cleared a bit everything was exactly as expected. The brakes where ok and the gears didn’t crack, I was ready for the journey back home via the M25 at 50MPH.

Herne Bay Sea Front.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

So, today is the day.

small window and lights

Saturday 18th August 07

After a 2 hour journey to Herne bay, and a phone call to Harvey, the meeting is arranged and at last, she is there in front of me.
She is Light Grey L345 to be precise. She has the bullet indicators, the small window and lights at the back, the high door hinges. A protection has been applied underneath and there is absolutely no rust around her. The paint is original and lacquered with just a few scratches and bumps, as expected for a 47 year old Kombi. She also have a hand written sign at the back "TESORO". The inside is empty, just a ¾ rock and roll bed at the back. At the front she still has the original bench sit, nothing has been added or removed.
Harvey started the 1200CC engine, and the noise was great, a perfectly tuned flat four…
By this time, I knew I had to buy her, she is the exact model I was looking for but I had to agree the price and do the deal. 3 minutes later my heart was doing 3000 beats/second, I could only see a blur and I had only one thing to do, shake his hand so I did…
Deposit paid… she is mine….

1200cc Engine

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

The Advert.

love at first sight

shes got to be the one

Monday 13th August 07.

After searching for a Kombi Split for a long time, I finally found an advert selling a 1960 VW Split Screen. The Kombi was located in Herne Bay, Kent. (UK)

The advert says:

" The van is 100% rust free and has NEVER been welded or repaired.
The van was imported by karman konnection southend in 2003, having been owned by a small food distribution company in California for over 40years. It was used as a light van.
The body work is original and still has all the knocks and scuffs it came with, it has never been filled or welded, but has been lacquered. The badge and bumpers have been re-painted due to being sunbaked.
All the underside has been extensively rust proofed with specialist paint and waxoil.
The kombi is standard apart from the following:
12v conversion & leisure battery, 009 dizzy, electronic ignition
new wheels/tyres (the originals will be included)
spax shocks, alloy rocker covers & plastic/sprung push rod tubes
3/4 rock & roll bed/seat & new interior panels. All rubber seals etc have been replaced
A later type fuel tank and beetle speedo with a fuel guage (the original speedo and fuel tank are included)
Repro Westfalia awning
I’ve only had the van for about a year and in that time have had the brakes overhauled, a drag link (steering) replaced and everything else serviced a couple of times. It runs and drives as it should and needs nothing. When I was looking for a splitty, this was the most genuine, rust free and un-molested that I could find. If you want one that hasn’t been restored, you won’t find better."

I just had to go and see her in the flesh.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The Story of My Volkswagen Split Screen !!!

I have been looking for a Split Screen for many years. It had to be around 1960 in order to get the small window at the back and the bullet indicators. I knew it will be a difficult task but it had to be done.