Thursday, 31 January 2008

T2D Visit

Saturday 5th January 2007

The weather is excellent! I fancy A trip to Cambridge today, to go and see the guys at T2D. The reason for that is that I like the idea of 'slamming my ride.'Before I decide what I need to do, I want to make sure that all the modifications I will do will not be irreversible.I managed to get lost just before Burwell but as soon as I arrived close to the area, I knew it was there. A few split Screens where outside, some of them slammed to the ground, others still original height, even a Barndoor and a Samba. It’s like being in heaven. The door of the garage is open and a few guys where hanging around waiting for customers. I asked “Is it T2D?” and one of them replied “No it’s next door.” Some people are really in the wrong business.That’s it I am there, everybody is very busy, working on different projects. A crew cab has just had an IRS kit fitted; another guy is fitting drop spindles. Paul took me upstairs to discuss what will be the options.I don’t think I will be able to do the front and the back of the van in one go but I booked the Sat 5th April to do the complete Front Beam setup. So it’s going to be 4” Narrowed front beam, shorten leaves, slammed arms, Drop spindle, CSP Discs, double circuit brake. I also took the opportunity to reserve a Rancho gear box, coming straight from States. I can’t wait now !!!

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