Sunday, 31 January 2010

Very High Temperature Paint

Engine ready for Very High Temperature Paint. It should withstand temperatures up to 500 oC.

It should be protected enough

This is the result. Matt Black, nice and tidy.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Block now closed

The crank and bearings are now in place. The cam bearings have some Torco engine assembly lube, ready for for the C35 Cam

The Scat Cam now in place and the block has some gasket compound.

Torque wrench in hand,

Job done!!! Everything seems to rotate properly.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Block nearly there

Scat C35 ready to be fitted

New bearings, everything seems to turn

I have closed the block to make sure everything works properly.
I can now open it up and complete the build.


Removing the bearing on the crank is not an easy task.
My camping gaz happened to be very useful to fit the gears to the crank.
Hot Hot Hot...

Job done

Torque wrench in hand, Job done...