Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The real VW's of Los Angeles.

This Beetle was spotted on the freeway on the way from LAX to the Hotel in Irvine.
 This 11 windows combi was parked in Balboa island.
 Not far from there this beetle was also parked by the side of the road.
This bus was owned by some surfers in Huntington.
 Close to Octavio's a few VW's were spotted.
 This garage specialises in combi's.
 Next door another garage had these beetles
 And this bus is in the middle of a restoration.
 And a few blocks away another nice beetle.
 This Pickup was certainly going to the OCTO on the saturday morning.
 Coming back from the Classic this Pickup was towing this very nice Oval beetle.
 Another beetle being towed. This time on the interstate in Arizona.
 During a petrol stop on the way to Flagstaff I spotted this buggy. Ideal toy to play with in the Arizonian desert.

 Seen on the side of  Route 66.
 This hotel on the Route 66 had a few cars on display with a Bugster and a Herbie Beetle.
 A few miles away still on route 66 a karmann  was parked in front of this shop.

This house was in the middle of nowhere and had a bugster parked in front.
 Seen in Downtown Los Angeles from the bus.
 Seen in Santa Monica.
 This electric Beetle was presented during the 'Concours d'elegance' in Rodeo Drve - Beverly Hills
 Another Beetle spotted in Santa Monica but this time a convertible.
 Parked in Malibu. an early Bay...
 This buggy was made specificaly for the film 'Transformers' I saw it at Universal Studios, Hollywood. This buggy was build on a VW chassis
 And  obviously had a VW engine
 I  spoke to a guy there and he was telling me that often for the purpose of movies, they have to make vehicles based on a VW chassis and then drop a body onto it just for show. Thast how it works in Hollywood...
 Another bay window seen on the streets of Hollywood, in front of the Chinese Theater.