Friday, 25 January 2008

Pick Up

Tuesday 21st August 07

The alarm clock rings and it’s time to go to the station, direction London to catch the train to Kent. The rain is so bad that it’s nearly impossible to see through the window. Eleven O’clock, time for the meeting with the bank manager to pick up the cash. The envelope is huge and it’s not the right time to get mugged. The big sea front house is now in front of me and Harvey is there waiting for me. Around a cup of tea we started to count the money and again we shake hands. That’s it, she is really mine now. The garage door open, here she is, waiting for me. By this time my heart was doing 3000 Beats/sec again. Harvey has put at the back of the Kombi the set of original wheels, the original petrol tank, the repro Westfalia awning some bits and pieces and the original Number Plate from California.
The engine is running, I indicate left to go to the narrow street, In my rear mirror I can see Harvey and all his family waving to me. I am taking their van away!!!I urgently needed to get my bearings and a feel for her, so I stopped at about 200m from the house on the sea front car park. By this time the sun cleared a bit everything was exactly as expected. The brakes where ok and the gears didn’t crack, I was ready for the journey back home via the M25 at 50MPH.

Herne Bay Sea Front.

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