Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Bug-in 34 Video

2 video f the Bug-in 34 in California. They are a bit long but Hey....

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Historic Grand Prix Pau. France 2009

This weekend in Pau was the Historic Grand Prix. Lots of very old cars. This is only a few.

1957 Imperial Crown

Renault 8 Gordini

Porsche 356 Carrera

4 Webber 48 IDF on this AC Cobra.....

Porsche 356 1954


Jeep Willis


Porsche 356 1600cc

Lots of English came to enjoy the sunny South of France with their Aston Martins, Morgans, Ferrari's, Jags, Mercs....

A Bugatti 35 from 1925 and the yellow one is a Buggati 35B from 1929.

This one is a Buggati 37 from 1926.

Beetle spotted in town.

Purple Bay.

Another 356 in the paddock
Cool 181 spotted in town.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Video of the DKP Cruise Night.

DKP Cruise Night at Nick's Burgers for the Pre Bug-in in May 2009.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

vw stuff

During these last few days I saw lot's of VW's, cool cars and stuff. Welcome to L.A.

It didn't take long, on the way to the Hotel from LAX airport this Bay took us over.

Queen Mary in Long Beach.

Porsche 356 spotted in Newport.

Surf shop in Huntington.

2 American cars spotted in Huntington, in front of a cafe.

Sunset in Huntington.

This split was at a shopping centre in Placentia.

On the way to the station, at the Anahaim stadium car park, we saw this samba on a trailer. It was at the bug-in the following day
This real Porsche 356 was the best car of the trip. It was on a perfect condition not a scratch. I saw it on Balboa Island. The best of show in my eye.

Funky bikes everywhere in L.a.

Still at Balboa Island

Burger @ Ruby's Diner

Watch out Tsunami.

Beetle in Santa Monica.

I want that job.

Beetle, Bay, Beach....

& Bike

Weired stuff in Venice Beach.

Looking for a camper?

Truck in Malibu

Check the sign.

Bay waiting at the bottom of the milionaire houses in Malibu.

& now a Porsche, they really have too much money in this area.

Found these Radio Flyers in a local shop in Malibu.

Bit of Baywatch as well.

View of the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica.

Even in Hollywood.

Harley & Bay

The roof Rack of this bus was screwed into the gutters. They couldn't have put a bigger one.

181 near the Beach in Venice

and a few 100 yards further, a bay.

I bet it was a daily driver.

Easy rider

Squareback in Santa Monica beach.

181 in Beverly Hills

This is where the route 66 ends. Always wanted to see the famous road. Now I can say I've been.

Last day, waiting for the bus and this thing just stopped at the traffic light.