Sunday, 23 November 2008

L'auto Journal 1952 -1962

My dad has found some old car magazine. He bought them when he was a kid and he has kept them since. We look at them today and I have found some interesting stuff.

About 30 "Auto Journal" magazines. They show all the latest car between 1952 and 1961 with technical articles and shows reports.

1st oct 1952

1952 1131 cc Beetle & 1952 1286 cc Porsche 356

Advert about some period roof rack
15th Nov 1952

Presentation of the new 1953 Beetle.
Volkswagen is going to build 550 car /day. A new gearbox has been deseigned. The wheels in 15" replace the old 16".

Porsche 356 1500 cc 1952

Presentation of the new dash board and the new lines of the car.
1st may 1957

Westfalia caravane Advert.
1st july1957

Porsche has redeseign the back of the car with the new shape of the lights and a better light for the number plate.
Amazing pictures of an accident between a porsche (middle left) and an Aston Martin (top right) during a 24h race.
1st dec 1957

These pictures have been taken during a rally between Paris and Moscow in 1957. We can see on the left a combi split. The convoy is getting petrol at the station and a lot of russians come to have a look at theses foreign cars.
On this picture we can see a 403 Peugeot, Simca Ariane, Renault Dauphine, Citroen DS, 203 Peogeot, 4ch Renault and THE Volkswagen Type2.
1st April 1958

Ford Pick up with a mercury Engine . Top speed 170 Km/h. not bad for 1958. Have you spotted the beetle at the 2nd plan?

Porsche Spyder 1958 142HP at 7200RPM
1st May 1958
Accident between a Renault Fregate an a Volkswagen Beetle diriven by a german tourist. Mr Wegner die on this accident.

Race at l'Alpe d'Huez in the French Alps in 1958.

Advert of the new Westfalia 310-2
15th Aout 1958
Trafic Jam on a German Motorway. We can see 3 Ovale Beetle.

1st Feb 1960

Camping with a beetle convertible. Must be a 58 or 59....
21st sept 1961

Porsche 356 "super carrera" 2 litres 1962 model with a bigger back window and a bigger boot.
5th Oct 1961

Front page of "L'Auto Journal" French car magasine.
The bottom right picture is a Volkswagen Notchback...

Technical article of the new Volkswagen 1500cc Type 3

Volkswagen Type 34 1500cc

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Soapy Sunday

Probably last bath before the winter hibernation.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Low & Slow

Go and visit the Low & Slow Blog. I have find this pic. :-)

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Ace Cafe aircooled meet up

Andy, Darren and I went to the Ace Cafe today for the annual meet up in London.

Cool Square

T2D were there with a funky 1970 style tent.

I meet Chris with a 2110cc motor on his dove blue ish bus.

and Luc, very nice chap.