Saturday, 28 February 2009

California Plate with Alhambra licence frame

When I bought the van I was also given the original licence plate from California ,with the period Licence frame from a Famous VW Garage in Alhambra, CA Century Motor Sales. I have done a bit of research and found these photos on

We can see the garage with a lot of beetle and a panel.
Have a look in the Samba website.

This is the original California Plate.

I managed to have this perfect replica of the original plate done for me.

Licence sticker which I have made.

And this is the final view. Hope the cops are going to be ok with that...

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Speedo Back on the van

My Speedo cable has been broken for a few months. I've changed it 3 times and it keeps breaking. For the last 3 months I've driven the bus without connecting the cable to the back of the speedo it hasn't broken.
The speedo has been replaced by the previous owner with a beetle one, in order to have the petrol gauge. But the Speedo cable doesn't connect in the same place and I had the feeling that this was the reason why it kept on breaking.
So I decided to replace it with the original one.

I took the Circuit diagram to be sure I would be able to reconnect it.

On the left is the original Speedo, on the right is the beetle one. We can see the speedo cable connection is not on the same place.

1960 on the left, beetle on the right.

While I was at it I opened the speedo and put it back to 3000 Miles. This is the approx milage I have done since I bought the van.

I also stuck two pieces of plastic in front of the Led's so that they light up red. This will match all the Autometer gauge I have fitted last year.


The speedo is ready to go back in place.

All the lights are working.
It looks better with the original one...

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Safari window installation

What a good afternoon to work outside on the van. The sun is shining and we are busy fiddling with the buses..

Darren's 15 windows had its Safaris done last year.
We start to remove all the windows.

The first frame is ready with the glass and rubber.

Perfect fit. It's a pleasure to work when everything fits perfectly. Just a bit of cleaning is going to be needed.

Back to back, 2 x 60's
That's a perfect alignment. Looks like there is only one window.

Final touch. And job done.

This is how it looks from the back....

... and from the front.

Back window

Early start this morning. I took the van to Darren's and we are going to install the Safari's today...

We started to remove the back window.

The frame has been presented and the holes are marked. It's time to go for it... Bring on the drill.
The frame is in place and we can already tell that the colour is matching perfectly. I thought it was going to look too new, but in fact it's perfect.
It's time to put the window/rubber into the frame. We used some WD40 for lubrification and it works great.
Looking good baby !!!

I went inside to fit the brackets.

Job done. That is bloody cool man....

Andy with his 1960 panel came to say hello

Nice turn up today at Darren's, a 15, 11 and panel.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Safari Painted with L345 Light grey

I went to collect the Safari's from the painter this morning and they look great.

The colour is spot on and the guy has done a good job.

This is this information I gave, the code, make and a sample.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Andy's new adjustable plates

I went to see my mate Andy who has been busy this week with his T2D Adjustable spring plates. It didn't go as planned and he had to fight with his van under the snow.

I went to see him this morning to give him a hand.

Andy had to borrow bits from his other bus.

It's not easy on a narrow garrage....

One wheel is done, one more to do....

Back on his wheels and ready to rumble....