Saturday, 26 January 2008

Vanfest 2007

The camp.

Saturday 8/9 September 07

It's still dark but it's time to wake up. It's gonna be a good weekend.
The tools, the awning, the tent, the bedding, everything is in the van and it's time to leave. I am going for my first show and I hope I will make it without mishap. Malvern is 200 miles away according to the GPS and it should take 2 hours, but in a 1960 VW it might take a bit longer :-)
After a few stops on the way to check the oil and especially to recover from the uncomfortable hard bench seat, the show gates were in sight. About 100 Vans are already there. It was a good idea to leave early because there's still lots of space available to pick a good spot for camping.
The awning is up and the tent is ready, just to store all the stuff I don't need in the van. Tonight I will sleep in my camper...
The weather's great and the show's amazing, with 100's of volkswagan van owners and enthusiasts chilling out and admiring the vehicles. In the evening some bands where playing live music.

It's incredible the number of second hand parts you can buy at Vanfest.
A cool Van
Rat Look

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TheVWFLAGman said...

Hi Claude Buisan.
Yes it was a great Show roll on 2008


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