Tuesday, 22 May 2012

BBQ @ Emberton Park

This morning we meet at our local Tesco for our trip to Emberto Park near Milon Keynes.
On the way we stopped to pick up Zoe & Spikes

James & Helen in front of their beetle

The Ox Dub crew
Tony's Notch

The BBQ is going, time for a few Burgers.
Nice Camp.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday morning mechanics on Adrian's Beetle.

Adrian's Beetle had trouble starting and hold the idle, so we retuned everything this morning. A new coil, points, a good tuning with a timing gun and she sounded a lot better.
 Adrian in action. We took the opportunity to bleed the brakes as well.

 Adrian's fire bus waiting under cover...

All done, ready for the MOT.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Pau historic Grand Prix (France)

As I couldn't be in France this weekend, my dad sent me all these pictures. He went to see the Flat 4 cup with only Porsches pre 1963. This race was at Pau race track, in town.

(1) Porsche 356B

 (15) Porsche 356SC 1964 - 1600cc

(17) Porsche 356B 1960 - 1600cc

(22) Porsche 356B 1960

(27) Porsche 356 PreA 1953 - 1500cc

(30)  Porsche 356 1954 PreA - 1500cc

(45) Porsche 356C 1963 - 1600cc

(46) Porsche 356 1962 - 1600cc

(54) Porsche 356 PreA 1955 - 1500cc
 (62) Porsche 356C

(66) Porsche 356C 1964

(70) Porsche 356A 1959

(71) Porsche 356A

(88) Porsche 356 PreA 1954 - 1500cc

Porsche 356C

Nice Line up

Bit of Porsche tuning.

A Bugatti was there too.