Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year 2012

Type 181 - German Army

New VW in the family. This time it's a 1976 German Army "Thing". Thanks to my mate "La Truite" from my old VW club Coxipauman. More picture will come later.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

A roof over my head.

I needed a roof attached to my garage on my back garden. You never know it might be useful one day. ;-)
So this is how it started. By holding both wall together as it has been weaken when I removed the wall of the garage.

The posts are on the ground
The garden has a funny shape and the roof will not be square so I have to calculate where the posts are going to end up.
And this is how it should be.
All the posts are in place and the frame can be build.
This beam will support the roof.

Everything is getting into shape

The structure is now complete

Time to put the roof.

And now the felt.

No even had time to put the last bit of felt and it started to piss down.
New home for the bus. I will now have enough space to do some work and it can rain now....

Hey!!! I have a spare space now....

It took about 6 months to build and I now need to make a concrete base, so I will be busy in spring...