Friday, 15 November 2013

1776Ccc getting redy for the 181

On the way back from the "cox Troc" this summer in south of France, I decided that I had to so something with the engine. For the last couple of years I had problems starting the 181 when hot. I took the Trekker to Beetle64 my local shop.
When Gael opened the engine he found out that both heads were cracked and all the pistons were identical. I also had a lot of end play.
After much consideration I decided to update the 1600cc to a 1776cc with a nice engle 110 and full flow. I wanted to keep the original look of the engine so no fancy carb or anything superficial. I even keept the dual poulie who was used to power a generator for the army radio

 Engine back into the 181
Big thanks to Gael and David @ Beetle64.