Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Friday @ the Cox Troc- Soustons - France

We arrived on site at about 5pm on a convoy.
 We then setup the camp. My 181 Trekker and behind, the Beetle64 awning.
 Phillipe's tent.
 "La truite" is also ready.
 We then went for a stroll to have a look at the first few vw on-site.
 These chaps came all the way from UK and spend a few weeks in the South Ouest of France.
 The only Bardoor in the show.

 The party has started. We had and excellant diner and a lot of alchool.
 That was good fun...

Convoy to Soustons

On friday afternoon my friend " La Truite" and I meet up at his place for a big VW weekend in the south of France
 We picked up a few friends in our VW shop in Pau @ "Beetle 64"

 We stopped at Phillipe's for a final check.

 The crew stopped for a beer in the way.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Getting the VW's ready.

Today we went on convoy with my mate " La Truite" to get the cars ready for tomorrow show. He came with his 1964 Beetle.
 We took the opportunity to inflate the splitty with the new compressor I bought last december.
 And a quick check on the Beetle.
 My beetle is waiting tucked in inside the garage.
 All ready to go.
 On the way to the petrol station on the Sunny French roads
 Ooops the treckker doesn't start.... We had to hide away in the shade, Its too hot here.
 While we were fixing the 181 Lillian with his Beach Buggy turned up and came to give us a hand.
 We then stopped at the car wash for a bit of make over.

 And we end up at my mate house for a final clean up.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Beach Buggin 2012

Eary start this morning. Today destination is Portsmouth for the Beach Buggin'
We stopped on the way for the usual toilet break

7 Beach Buggy stopped on the same services
After a little push we were ready to go again.

Manx buggy

Nice Oval Beetle

This was a real Los Angeles Police Patrol car

And a NYPD police car.

James waiting in the traffic on the M25