Monday, 1 April 2013

My 1960 Combi had to go

Today is D-Day. In 1995 I bought my 1st combi Split for £300. I still had it tucked in, in my garrage in France. About a year ago I decided to do a deal with my friend "La Truite" and I swapped it with his 181 Trekker. Not having anywhere to store it I keept it for him and today we decided that it has to move.
All the other cars had to move so I had to inflate the beetle.
 My 181 and beetle. The beetle hasn't seen sunlight for 15 years...
 My friend "La Truite" with his old Trekker.

 1st move for the combi since 1995

 All my vw's reunited

 The combi is waiting for the trailer.

 My dad next to the bus.
 New house for the beetle. Its now gonna be on the combi space.

 The night is falling.
 My mates arrived with the trailer and we moved the bus under the rain.

 My friend Phillpe. The bus gonna stay at his place.

 Thanks to Beetle 64 for lending us the trailer.