Friday, 7 October 2011

Journey back home

Sunday morning, we all stopped in town for a stroll to the pier
Ooops, bit of a problem on Stuart van. We were driving on the M25 and the van started to have some problems. We managed to stop on this magnificent area. We couldn't find a better place to stop. we even have toilets, sandwiches. We also took the opportunity to open the engines lid to cool down the engines.
So time to get dirty. At first it looks like it was the distributor but when we tryed to look for a spark at the end of the leads, they were soaked in oil. It happend that the coil was leaking and all the oil who was supposed to cool the coil was dripping along the leads. So I went to my van and took a spare coil which I carry with me for emergency.
The new coil is in place, Stuart ready to start the engine. A few sec later everything was back on track and the van was ready to go.

Off we go again, back home....

Brighton Racecourse - Camping

The Aylesbury gang are setting up the site. Nice little area.

The night has fall, it's time to chill.
Pizza party tonight.

Darren/Lucy & Kieron/Kim have been marshalling and are still sleeping in there Bus.

View of the camp from the racecourse stands

Custom Radio Flyer

Brighton Breeze

We all meet up at the Tesco car park to leave on a convoy to Brighton
Alden & Tim at the services
Madeira Drive here we go....
Ellie's Beetle.
Nice line up on the sea front, Stuart's van, mine, Dave's & Spike/Zoe's.

Carl's bus on his new set of wheels with narrow beam.
One of the best day of the year to go to the beach.

Flashy 356.