Sunday, 27 January 2008

Brighton Breeze 2007

Friday 28/29 September 2007

Back in April, I booked the Brighton Breeze ticket and a hotel for the weekend, but since then I have bought the van. Never mind, it is a very nice hotel with a sea view so I might as well enjoy it.

The sea front is empty on Friday afternoon. Only a bay window is there on Madeira drive.

It is time to contact Neil the president of the SSVC. He told me that I could leave the Kombi nearby at the campsite, where I know it will be safe overnight. I come back to the hotel to chill out for the evening.

Saturday morning 7a.m, time to pick up the van, I think I am the only one awake at this time of the morning in Brighton. By the time I came back to Madeira drive a few vans are already there. I park mine, and people are starting to arrive in a constant stream.

By lunch time the site is full, about 1000 Vans are there, it's amazing.

I have put a video on You Tube. Click on the Logo and Have a look.

A lot of trade stands are there as well, it is a very good atmosphere. And it's incredible to see so many vans on display in one road.

Madeira Drive (Brighton)

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