Monday, 2 January 2012

1st MOT for the 181

Today I booked the 181 for the MOT or controle technique I should say. I need it to be able to do the log book so I took the chance to see what would happen.The guy looked at everything and was well impressed. He Passed it straight away to my surprise. A few little points will have to be looked at but nothing too serious.
A bit of oil is leaking from the gearbox and engine. Nothing unusual here for a VW.The shock absorber is a bit dodgy but is still ok.
Nice to see the IRS from underneath.
The 1600cc works like a charm....
Oops I thought it was... On the way back, I broke down. It was in fact a petrol problem. Thanks again to my friend "la truite" who came to give me a hand. After a big investigation around the carb, petrol pump it happen that some crap has blocked the fuel pipe.
30 min later everything is back on track. Until next time.