Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Opening of the garage

This is the sectional garage door I went to pick up in Herne bay the other day. Good job I had the van because the panels were pretty big.
This is ruthly where the garage frame had to go. A bit of tidy up was necessary.
The left side is in place...
... and now the right side.
It didn't go as plan, the support of the roof is on the way.
I had to make some new timber to make the support of the roof higher.
That way the roof shouldn't fall on me.

After cutting the existing timber I also had to make a notch.
Everything is now square.
And this is how it looks.
A support for the spring has been made.
And the cable to lift the door is in place.
A bit of tension.
And the door is ready to open
Hey Hey !!!
Now the hard work. I had to hire this angle saw to cut the brick and it wasn't easy to cut the wall.
All the bricks are removed one by one.

Nearly there.
That's it, the door was behind so I was able to close it straight away.
And I can now move the van on the back garden.
That's it, until next stage.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Snap shot of my trip to California

Balboa Island is certainly one of my favorite places.Huntington Beach with the lifeguard look out.
Santa Monica Beach with the pier in the background.
Venice Beach at sunset.
Universal Studios.
Malibu Beach. (Baywatch)
Found a rattle snake while eatting lunch. Must remember not to walk on the grass....
View of Los Angeles from the Observatory at Griffith Park.
Union Station in Downtown L.A.
Even the tramps have designer homes in Santa Monica...
Mexican Market in L.A.
Farmers Market.
LAX Airport.
Holiday over 'til the next time....

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Petersen Automotive Museum - Los Angeles

1911 American Underslung - Model 50 Traveler1901 Breer
2 cylinder Stean - 5 HP
1903 Cadillac - Model A Runabout
Scene based on the Laurel and Hardy movie Hog Wild made in 1930.
1915 Stutz - White Squadron Racer1955 Cobra - Motorama Custom.
1959 Ol'Yaller - Mark III
1922 Willys-Knight.
1931 Twin Coach - Delivery Truck.
1932 Harley-Davidson.1921 White - Tanker Truck.

1922 Chevrolet - Series 490 Coupe.1917 Detroit Electric - Brougham Model 61.1932 Ford - Model BB Tow Truck.

1932 Ford - Doane Spencer Roadster.
1959 Cadillac - Series 62 Convertible.
1950 Mercury - Custom
1939 Bugatti - Type 57C Atalante.
2006 Bugatti Veyron 16.4
1959 Chevrolet Corvette
1926 Ford - Model T Sedan
K.S. Pittman Willys Gasser
1932 Ford - Miller Highboy Roadster
1932 Ford - Little Foose Coupe
1992 Aluma Coupe
1932 Ford.
1967 Ford Mustang - Malco Gasser1912 Harley-Davidson
1927 Indian - Big Chief Formerly owned by Steve McQueen.
Scale 1:1 Hot Wheels - 1939 Lincoln Zephyr "Scrape"
Huge HotWheels collection inside the museum.
Nerly every models were represented.
HotWheels Mould.
1946 Salsbury - Model 85
1944 Cushman - Airborne Model 53 with M3A4 Hand Cart.