Monday, 30 August 2010

Dodgy Oil Cooler

I can't believe that, I had a small leak under the engine and thought it was coming from the push rods. In fact after investigation it looks like it's coming from a dodgy Oil cooler.

Oil on the top of the block.

Friday, 27 August 2010

1641cc has started today

My new 1641 cc

1641 cc Mahle Barrel & Piston
A41 Case
69mm Crankshaft
Original connecting Rods
camshaft C35 285deg, cam lift 0.381'', valve lift 0.419''
Scat lifter, dual valve springs
CB Performance Maxiflow oil pump
200mm Lightened Flywheel
Reworked Heads
Twin Dellhorto
External oil Filter
Carter Electric Fuel Pump
EMPI 4 in 1 Merged Exhaust + Stinger
009 Distributor with Petronix electonic ignition
After all these efforts the engine is out one more time for a final check on the flywheel seal
Big thanks to Darren for his help over the last few days...

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

New Starter motor

This is the old 6v starter motor on the left and the new 12v Bosh Starter motor with their own Bush.

It's been a pain to fit the new bush into the gear box.

All done.

Monday, 23 August 2010

1200cc out, 1641cc in

Today is D-Day, the Original 1200cc is going to be taken out and the New 1641cc is going to be fitted.

1200cc on the left- 1641cc on the right.

Big thank you to Darren who helped me to do the job.

Engine in... All connected.

Everything went well apart from the fact that I had an electric fault, It's now fixxed. But we couldn't do any firther because I still have the 6v starter motor from the original engine and I will have to get a new one on monday.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Carter P4594 Electric Fuel Pump

soaked !!!

I started to make a support for the fuel pump. I will thy to fit it under the van below the fuel tank.

This is the plate I've made.

And my mess...

And then.....

I was soaked... Will have to finish another time....

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Bottle and Glass Pub meetup

Good turnup today at the Bootle & Glass.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

1641 CC Engine

Not long to go.

Autometer Shift light & sensors

Not sure how the following setup will work but I had to get a way to connect the oil pressure sensor, the temp sensor and the idiot lite to the block and the only way I have found was to buy 2 x 1/8" "T" pieces. While I as at the shop Ifound this red lense for my shift light.

The existing orange one with the new red.

This is how the gages setup has been installed. How it's gonna be good enough.

Plug'n play Engine

I always wanted an engine where all the electric connection will be centralised in on plug, no mess about. So once again my dad managed to make a bracket for the connector + the holder for the coil.

This is the connector one side will be connected to the loom in the van, the other side will be on the engine.

That's it the connector for the alternator/ oil pressure/ oil temp/ tacho/ coil+/ coil- and a bigger stud for the Alternator wire.