Thursday, 24 January 2008

So, today is the day.

small window and lights

Saturday 18th August 07

After a 2 hour journey to Herne bay, and a phone call to Harvey, the meeting is arranged and at last, she is there in front of me.
She is Light Grey L345 to be precise. She has the bullet indicators, the small window and lights at the back, the high door hinges. A protection has been applied underneath and there is absolutely no rust around her. The paint is original and lacquered with just a few scratches and bumps, as expected for a 47 year old Kombi. She also have a hand written sign at the back "TESORO". The inside is empty, just a ¾ rock and roll bed at the back. At the front she still has the original bench sit, nothing has been added or removed.
Harvey started the 1200CC engine, and the noise was great, a perfectly tuned flat four…
By this time, I knew I had to buy her, she is the exact model I was looking for but I had to agree the price and do the deal. 3 minutes later my heart was doing 3000 beats/second, I could only see a blur and I had only one thing to do, shake his hand so I did…
Deposit paid… she is mine….

1200cc Engine

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