Sunday, 7 September 2014

Cox Troc - Souston 2014

Time to meet my old mated from France and head on Souston for the 29th Cox Troc. This year I meet everybody at Gael's shop "GAM's" His latest resto was already loaded at the back of his bay. Philippe on his blue bay was leading the way.
 La truite on his pick-up and Gael's dad, Bernard were also part of the convoy.
 I took my Trekker. This year with a brand new (refurbrished) 1776cc engine.

 We took the 181 for a trip to the beach
 Nice view...
 All the VW's were parked in front of GAM's stand.

 Patrice came with his split.
 And Sophie with her ver bright beetle.

 Eric's original Manx
 Lilian's Manxter all geared up for  the rally raid - VW africa.

 Arnaud bus

 Last beer...