Monday, 25 June 2012

Lavenham VW vintage show (Part1)

The Lavenham show differs from most UK VW shows. It features only stock, un-modified pre-1967 Vintage Volkswagens, displayed in a fantastic setting. Surrounded by many timbered buildings, including the famous Guild Hall, Lavenham's picturesque market square in the centre of the town is the setting for a display of the earliest vehicles. Additional displays will be located in the school playground which is adjacent to the square, at Lavenham Press on Water Street and in the meadow at the bottom of Water Street, just a short walk from the square.

 In the early 1950s Beutler produced this beetle pickup. Essentially just a Beetle with back section chopped off behind the door pillars. Behind is a flat pickup bed that didn't really offer an awful lot of capacity

Very rare hebmuller VW
 Original Interior
 2 kubelwagens

 Another Herbmuller

 Nice split windows line up

 The Barndoors are in town
 The kempes bus was found buried underground in a swedish wood

 Westfalia trailer

 Very rare bakelite radio in the herbmuller

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