Saturday, 30 June 2012

From EMPI to Bugpack.

I had my EMPI Exhaust for a couple of years and it was about time I changed it. Because the bus is so low it's been damaged many times. Lately I had to fix it on the side of the road every time I went over a hump.
 I tried to fit it but it was touching in 3 different places. As I needed the van tomorrow I ask Stu to give me a hand. At least he can weld.... Dave also came along.
 We cut the exhaust in 3 parts and dry fitted it in the right position.

 It does help to have 4 hands sometimes.

It couldn't be any tighter.
I had to go down out of Stuarts drive and the back pipe nearly touched the floor, so Stu gave it a final touch with the angle grinder.

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dave c. said...

It's good to have a nice exhaust, but even better to have one that is custom made and fitted specifically for your bus. You should'nt have any trouble now Stuart has modified the exhaust to give you more ground clearance. Nice photos of a very productive day.