Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Bug-in 34 The show.

100's of VW's on the Speedway car Park, the 34th Bug-in can start....

Perfect line of DKP bugs.

The EMPI stand was showing a nice range of carbs.

All the Bug-in Dash Plaques in a frame.

And here lots of memorabillia from the 60's/70's

This beetle was on the cover of Hot VW's magazine in the 70's and is still around. Check the trophy.

The stand Rancho

CB Performance drag.

Low rider Ghia. That's L.A. ....

Perfect for the beach

Don't know what to do with your old rods???

Come on, Slam it ...

Beach Bay.


Pfffff !!!! And this was on a real Porsche 356.

Need bits for your fasty?

Me with Dyno Don Chamberlin
'The voice of VW drag racing'
He invited us to dinner, but we were moving on
to Santa Monica the next day, so couldn't make it.
Shame, because he's a cool guy and I'm sure
it would have been an interesting conversation.

The new Flat 4 BRM. nice!!!!!!!!

The German folks cars were amazing.

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