Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Bug-in 34

Auto Club Speedway in Fontana is hosting the Bug-in 34. It is situated north east of Los Angeles. Most of the American shows start very early and finish at 2-3 pm due to the heat. We left the hotel early to be at the show at about 9am.
The show started by the stand area where individuals were selling there bit and pieces.

Westfalia Awning on top of this kombi.
Cool Projet for sale

1965 Ghia

I fell in love with this oval which was going for $3500.

This Karmann was cute as well. I should have bought it...
Looking for an Okrasa Crank ? It could have been yours for $400.

The Radio flyers were everywhere.

Here's a rare CLAUDE BUGGIES rocker cover. Claude Tomlinson was the founder of CB Performance. Only a few of these rocker covers have been made and on this specific one the apostrophy is missing. rare, rare.... It would have been cool on my bus..... booor :-(

Yes everywhere....

and some funky ones as well

$35 Bargain...

Too many bits here.....

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