Saturday, 8 June 2013

Gene Berg Ent. Workshop in Orange county, California.

Visit to the world famous Gene Berg ent.
 Selection of Gene Berg shifters
 70's memorabilia

 Very famous engine which was used as an advert for the compagny
 Huge collection of period toys
 Dee Berg and me in the office.

 Tour of the workshop.
 Al who has been working at Berg for 8 years showed me arround
 Here are the 5 speed nose cone ready to be machined
 Packing area
 Doug working.

 Al is showing me a set of linkage

 Lots of specific machines are there
 The dyno area. Al is showing me all the power recorded on all the engines they have tested lately

5 gear nose cones

 A shifter Berg special order

 These are the shifter handles before they are bent.
 Fabrication of some carbs
 Dual carbs linkages

 Crank lathe
 Old fashion bench. This one must have seen some proper engines


 Berg shifter handles

 Dee Berg loves her toys and she is creating a new aera specificaly for toys.

 A huge container outside was full of toys, here's a box full of HotWheels

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