Friday, 15 March 2013

Journey to Ninove

The journey started at 1 O'clock for the 280 mile trip to Belgium (450km). I meet up with Andy for a very very wet trip.
 We took the Eurotunnel to cross the channel.
 On the French side we met up with Paul
 We are now ready to carry on our journey. Direction Gent ...

Friday night is very busy in Gent and the only available space to park the buses was in this little alley way. We had to convince the locals that we were going to leave in the morning, in order to keep them sweet.
 The buses are not going anywhere tonight.

 Gent is very nice with canals everywhere.
 I had good time for our 1st night in Belgium with Andy and Paul.
 Time to wake up for the last leg of the Journey.

Perfect spot again this year. We are parked very close to the Hotel de Croone. It will be the place to be tonight.

 The vw's start to arrive in town....

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Outcast VW said...

Nice Photo's.. looks like you all had a good time.