Sunday, 2 September 2012

Saturday at The cox Troc- Wild VW Landes

 Lillian Beach Buggy & Nicolas Bus
 My Trekker with my mates Buggy at night

 This early bay was for sale
 Soustons lake
 Some people might know this bus It cam all the way from uk.

 Nice Spanish Oval Beetle

 These guys came from Toulouse
 The Coxipauman, La Truite, Alain, Le Pin's, Laurent
 This is the famous Karmann Low light  who camwe all the way from California. It's been on a few magasines.

 1952 Barndoor clock for sale. Tag price 750 euros.

 Beach Buggy Manxter 2+2

 This buggy was my friend's Francis. It was at our club in the 90's. Nice to see it again.
 My beast....
 Very good organisation from the Wild VW Landes club. Lots of drink there...
 We had an excellant night, lots of Food, lot's of drinks....

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