Thursday, 23 August 2012

Getting the VW's ready.

Today we went on convoy with my mate " La Truite" to get the cars ready for tomorrow show. He came with his 1964 Beetle.
 We took the opportunity to inflate the splitty with the new compressor I bought last december.
 And a quick check on the Beetle.
 My beetle is waiting tucked in inside the garage.
 All ready to go.
 On the way to the petrol station on the Sunny French roads
 Ooops the treckker doesn't start.... We had to hide away in the shade, Its too hot here.
 While we were fixing the 181 Lillian with his Beach Buggy turned up and came to give us a hand.
 We then stopped at the car wash for a bit of make over.

 And we end up at my mate house for a final clean up.

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Leisa said...

Hi Claude! How long have you been participating in car shows? That must have been a whole lot of fun, especially since it’s something you’re passionate about. Nice to know you have a constant car buddy. :D VW cars are an excellent choice. They always make a good impression, probably because VW is one of the oldest companies in the automotive industry. Truly a classic!

Leisa Dreps