Sunday, 8 July 2012

Camper Jam 2012

Another excellant show this weekend. I will put this one in the top 5 this year. This time it was CamperJam. Sometimes I wonder why we bother watching the weather forecast. It was supposed to be torrential rain all weekend and in fact it was pretty good. Yes, we had a bit of rain on saturday, but we also had some very good sunshine and lots of very nice vans turned up.
 This is our camp. Dave C, Me, Jean, Dave H, Angela, Spike, Zoe (House of Dub)
 Dave's Bay and his nice front garden.
 My bus
 This very nice bay was part of the group, It came with the House Of Dub. Sorry girls didn't catch your names...
 Zoe & Spike's Bay
 Alden's Bay
 Richard's Van.
 And Tony from the Ox dubz
 Nice Pinstriping on this KG
 And the interior wasn't bad too.
 That was the muddiest part of the show, the trading area. Nice to see that people are not bothered about it and lots of shops have been doing business all weekend.
 2 single cabs

 Perfect setup, Radio Flyer and a Coca Cola Cool Box.

 Ouch. Someone is going to be busy fixing that.
 Nice Beetle in the sun.

 Cool Fastback
 And a Barndoor Pick up,
 Oval Beetle.

 Who said it was muddy?

 Ah yeah this part was...
 Saturday night, 1am under the stars. You can't beat a VW fire pit.
 and some bacon...

 Porsche 944

 This is a VW Thing, some people can't understand....
 The Cool Flo bus spotted at the services on the way back.


dave c. said...

Nice pic's Claude, and nice comments. I agree definately a top 5 show this year.. even with a little mud.

Chequered Front VW said...

Nice write up Buddy, Glad you enjoyed it a little mud will be nothing to an ex Military man like your self.