Sunday, 24 June 2012

KGOC Karmann Ghia Owner Club International Rally

This friday evening at the Holiday Inn near Cambridge a lot of Karmann Ghias from across Europe meet for the KGOC (Karmann Ghia Owner Club) International Rally. Many cars from UK, Germany, Danemark turned up and it was a good opportunity to see some very nice karmanns.
 Very hot KG Low Light on a nice set of Porsche Wheels

 This low light was the nicest car in the carpark. The lady owner drove on her own from Germany.
Four Type 34 stock parked together

 Nice mix of old and new models

 Which is the odd one?

 Nice atmosphere in the Holiday Inn hotel. The Germans were watching the Germany vs greece game and we had a good dinner with them.
 Early morning wake up in the van.

 I had a long chat with Phil, the owner of this KG since 1988, very nice chap.

 Poor man's Porsche they said.... The KG must be worth more than the Porsche....

 Really really nice Ghia...

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