Monday, 7 May 2012

Bike & Car show - Beaconsfield FC

2nd Show of the day, at Beaconsfield FC. On the way back from Vikki farm we decided to stop to have a look at this show. What a surprise to see a lots of American cars. It was like coming back to the 50's.

A few VW's turned up.

Dave and his green bus (shrek) arrived very early on the morning.

Nice Karmann Ghia
Cool Pick up

This was for me the best of show, a Ford 32 Roadster. That was hot.

A Ford popular Hot Rod

Another Hot Rod with his owner in style

There were a few stalls setup in the 1950's spirit.

Cool haircut on the right.

AC Cobra.

A few Rolls-Royce in line

There were also a few Bikes like this Indian on display.

This MK1 Ford Escort was for sale for £25000 !!!

two more Ford Popular


A band was playing some Rockabilly music. Well cool.

On the way back home with Dave at the front and Andy.


dave c. said...

Nice photo's.. I agree it was a very good show, we will have to all go there next year together.

Chequered Front VW said...

Reminds me of a telly advert, We wana be together, Ha Ha Ha.