Sunday, 4 March 2012

Quartier libre - Car show - Pau, France

Every 1st Sunday of the month in a shopping centre in Pau - South of France a car show is organized. It's a chance to see some amazing vehicles.
Very nice Kublewagen

American Hot Rod

Jeep Willys
Another Hot Rod

Cool Porsche 911
This is my mates 1964 beetle.
And these 2 Beach Buggies are also owned by two of my friends. The yellow Manxter is Jean-Marc's one and the Red one is Dede's.They have all the goodies. IRS with 944 back trans axle.
Incredible New beetle with an amazing body kit. It has a flip front with a very nice finish.

Another beach buggy
and a bay
A Ferrari

a few Porsches

Renault Dauphine

A 2nd World War II GMC Truck

And a few Harleys

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