Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Direction Ninove......

This year we decided to leave on the friday afternoon with Andy in order to arrive as far as we could in Belgium.
This nice beetle was spotted on the M25.
Refill at the station in France.Andy's Bus.
11pm, we reached Bruge. This is a very nice town and we took the opportunity to do some nice shots near the cannals.

And this is where we setup the camp in Bruge.
In the morning we left Bruge to get to Ninove and we parked the vans in front of the De Croone Hotel.
In the afternoon we went to meet the T2D Cruise at the Brewery. Nice to have a few witkap. (local beer)
Phil's beetle.

Greg from VW Dub Parts (caliornia) in the background.

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Chequered Front VW said...

Like the pics Claude,Looks like another superb year.