Monday, 13 June 2011

VW Classic Show 2011 - Part 1

7 am, view from the hotel room at the Crowne Plaza in Irvine CA. what a view when you are still half asleep and you open the curtains. We managed to get a lift to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre with some guys from New Jersey. So a big thanks to Bill, Popeye and his mate (sorry I don't recall your name.)
Need some heads for your VW?
This westy was for sale but needed a lot of work.
Anything could be found at the Classic, here 2 back panels for an Oval.
Slammed Radio Flier.
Yep Darren, I looked for a set of back lights but the ones I saw were too damaged or too expensive.
Slammed Land Rover.
Mooneyes Stand.

This guy from Mexico was selling any bits you could imagine for Karmann Ghia's. But didn't have a complete one. He must break them and make more money buy cutting them.
Yep anything....
I still managed to find this Low light for sale for only $1700. Yes, just a bit more than a grand. I was very, very tempted but it wasn't complete and Stuart would have hated me when I would have asked him to help me with the welding....

Nice Beach Buggies on the Meyer Manx stand

DKP line up
This beetle was powered by an electric motor....
... and obviously had batteries everywhere.
KG Low rider
Hey Keiron, what are you doing here?

The Baja California isn't far from here.

That's sweet.

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Chequered Front VW said...

i have to say dont look any worse than Adrians Bug Really, Do you not agree?