Sunday, 5 June 2011

Stonor Park

Nice Oval with a big engine.

Red oxide Low Light Karmann Ghia.
Radical Volksrod.

Coop's Beach Buggy. He will be pissed off with me soon, Every time I see him, I ask his question about his brakes..... Sorry...

Another Oval with a big motor

Funny to see this bay window with all the sticker showing my home town in France.

And the beast...

Darren & Lucy bus parked next to Bernies.

Very nice Westfalia Bus with his awning. I wish I could get a full Westfalia awning with sides and privy tent. In red and white would be even better.... Hum Hum... ;-)
Carl's Samba had a baby... Excellent pedal van on the roof.

1955 Beetle Cabriolet.

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