Friday, 27 August 2010

1641cc has started today

My new 1641 cc

1641 cc Mahle Barrel & Piston
A41 Case
69mm Crankshaft
Original connecting Rods
camshaft C35 285deg, cam lift 0.381'', valve lift 0.419''
Scat lifter, dual valve springs
CB Performance Maxiflow oil pump
200mm Lightened Flywheel
Reworked Heads
Twin Dellhorto
External oil Filter
Carter Electric Fuel Pump
EMPI 4 in 1 Merged Exhaust + Stinger
009 Distributor with Petronix electonic ignition
After all these efforts the engine is out one more time for a final check on the flywheel seal
Big thanks to Darren for his help over the last few days...

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