Monday, 11 May 2009

Gene Berg Ent

Second day in L.A. and already searching for some good places to hang out. Direction Orange, only a few miles from the hotel to visit the Gene Berg Ent shop. It just looks like a big warehouse. Only a few VW's give a sign that something is happening there.

We push the door and..... whaw..... more than 30 years of memorabilia, trophys and toys are on display at the entrance, amazing...

further along the shop is the famous engine from the dragster "little but quick". This engine is the original one. It has been restored by Alistair Craig & Doug Berg.

View of the shop from the counter.

Like a kid in a sweet shop, I didn't know where to look. So many goodies there. And then the guy at the counter asked me if he could help. I told him than I came for the Bug in and I had taken the opportunity to visit the shop. Nobody else was there so he asked if I would like to visit the workshop?

WHAAAAAT !!!! Of course I would....!!!! ?????? !!!
We went through the account office at the back, he opened the door and......

there was the famous drag in the Berg workshop.... The engine was missing, obviously, it was in the shop .... duuur!!!

The Berg's beetle was there too.

During the tour we had the chance to look around the workshop.

Here an engine is waiting to get some abuse...

He showed us some heads getting rebored, some blocks of aluminium half machined which are going to be used to make some shifters.
Thank to Gene berg ent. for this improvised tour. What a way to start a holiday....

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