Monday, 16 March 2009

Cruise to Ninove

On the way to Folkstone on Friday, for a good night sleep to be ready to cross the channel tomorrow.

Yeah right... We finish on this club. Yes, it was dodgy but hey, the beer was ok.

I can't believe that we slept in the centre of Folkstone. Lots of drunk chavy kids were looking at the buses. It was a good job that the coppers were hanging around all night

We traveled with this nice hebmullerish replica.

Arrived in France at about 7.30 on saturday morning, we waited for all the UK crew to join us.

Paul, Beaker, Ballsy and Jared arrived leading the T2D Cruise from UK.

Already, lots of nice VW and we havn't even started.

That's it we are off to ninove now.....

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