Sunday, 15 February 2009

Speedo Back on the van

My Speedo cable has been broken for a few months. I've changed it 3 times and it keeps breaking. For the last 3 months I've driven the bus without connecting the cable to the back of the speedo it hasn't broken.
The speedo has been replaced by the previous owner with a beetle one, in order to have the petrol gauge. But the Speedo cable doesn't connect in the same place and I had the feeling that this was the reason why it kept on breaking.
So I decided to replace it with the original one.

I took the Circuit diagram to be sure I would be able to reconnect it.

On the left is the original Speedo, on the right is the beetle one. We can see the speedo cable connection is not on the same place.

1960 on the left, beetle on the right.

While I was at it I opened the speedo and put it back to 3000 Miles. This is the approx milage I have done since I bought the van.

I also stuck two pieces of plastic in front of the Led's so that they light up red. This will match all the Autometer gauge I have fitted last year.


The speedo is ready to go back in place.

All the lights are working.
It looks better with the original one...

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