Sunday, 19 October 2008

Brighton Breeze

The campsite at Hook Rd, Our camp with 2 new busses, Julia with the split and Kieran with the bay, the night's gonna be cold....

The convoy from Epsom to Brighton

Andy and Jenny following us

Andy's van is not very happy. It's the second stop on the way.We try to fix his engine problem again, but after a few attempts, the alternator seized. We managed to get about 10 miles from Brighton

Madeira Drive

Samba at the beach.

About 1000 VW 's this year


T2D/T3D Crew with their squareback.

Brighton By night

Camping at Brighton Race course.

Chris & Darren checking the engine.

Sunday morning back on Madeira Drive for
A full English breakfast before heading home.
The Surfing Museum and ITV video

Check 1 min 17 sec :-)

ITV Link

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