Thursday, 4 September 2008

VW on the south coast France/Spain

For the last 2 days I went for a tour of the Basque country to visit my sister. Along the high street of St Jean De Luz I saw this combi. Funky bus, where the kids where putting there head through the windows.

This is the port of St Jean De Luz

Surf Shop ad.

Biarritz Beach.
On the sea front, this morning, I have saw these 3 Bay Windows that had spent the night on the sea front. The first 2 where local and the last one had English plates but I couldn't see the owners

Nice view after a night in the van. What a spot...

A few surf boards on the roof, that's the spirit..

This one had a Autometer monster tach, and judging by the exhaust it had a big motor too.

A few Km from there I had to stop again on the side of the road. It's now a splitty, more exactly a 1966 crew cab.

With safari windows.

And Porsche wheels. Cool Man. It could do with a bit of slam action from T2D but hey....

Descending to Handaye, a few hundred yards to Spain I spotted this castle facing the Atlantic ocean.

Handaye marina.

Spanish Bay Crew cab in Handaye.

They like the standard height here :-)

On the way back to Pau I went through Espelette in the heart of the Basque country. It's really amazing because all the houses have peppers attached to the windows. look here, it's interesting

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john lee said...


I sure enjoy seeing your blog from over the pond in Daytona Beach, Florida.

I have owned several VW's in the past but now am content with a 1963Ford Falcon Station Bus ansd a Volvo 850, both are daily drivers.

I tend to read a bunch of different car blogs and have yours earmarked on my blog.

I came across this earlier tonite and thought of you. As a car afficionado, you most likely know of this but, as I know I would hate to miss it if it were near me, I thought I would drop you a link.

Hope you get to make it to the show and look forward to images of it on the split screen.

Have fun.

John Lee