Friday, 29 August 2008

Barn find

I am in France for the week and look what I have find. Lot's of goodies in a barn. I am not telling you where it is. Ah and there are lots more.

old rusty beetle

in the bush...

Some factory safari

I could only see 3 :-( but hey they are safari ;-)

ready to go engine. I wish!!!

Oh a 4 in 1 exhaust.
heads, pistons, dynamo, drums....
A puma adjustable front beam.


nice 1961 splitty

and some more bits

oh an alternator.
and more bits

oh interesting, I can smell a flat 4.

oh I think I have found a 1600cc case

oops, wazat !!!
I knew I could smell an engine, 1835cc twin weber and street eliminator heads. :-) I should nick it to put in my bus back in uk. It will have a serious attitude with that at the back !!!

Oh another splitty.

Hey, I forgot to say that the barn is my dad's and these are some of the bits I have collected when I was there 15 years ago. The beetle is waiting for me and I should really nick the engine to put in my bus. The one above is a 59 and it's now in Wales. Darren came to pick it up last year. It should be back on the road soon...

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