Saturday, 17 May 2008

Collecting the van from T2D

So excited this morning, as I arrived at the unit, there it was. Wow !!! what a difference. It was nice to meet all the guys, they done a fantastic job and I'd recommend them anytime.
Paul, Me and Double Denim.
I really noticed a difference on the way home. It handled so much better and I seem to have gained a few MPH... for the first time I was fast enough get the middle lane of the M25.
So it's a big thanks to the T2D team
Claude's bus done and dusted
Be sure to check out his BLOG Ithad the full T2D works, 4 inch beam, spindles, discs, dual circuit, straight axle conversion, type 3 brakes, box lift, slam tyres and a full camber and track set up.

Speed hump at home, glad the steering box was raised......Ballz, good job mate !!!

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