Saturday, 12 April 2008

Laying cable

The fuel gauge will be fitted in the air vent above the windscreen and some cable will be needed to power the gauge. I am also planning to have gauges for the oil pressure and temperature plus a tachometer. I will need a wiring loom to the engine bay.
I have managed to pass the wires through a very small existing hole on the side of the front screen.
They go down just above the shelf

I have estimated the length of the cables at about 5 metres to ensure they will reach the engine bay.
I have soldered all the wires together, to slide them into the sleeving

A bit of washing up liquid was needed to ease the job.
At the front I have drilled a small hole under the cabin
I have put it under the van near the existing one.

All the wires arrived in the engine bay, ready to be connected.

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