Saturday 12 September 2015

Karmann Ghia Low Light 1958

That's it, I have been thinking of buying a Karmann Ghia for a long while and it finaly arrived. I found it online while I went on my summer holiday in France last month and was gutted not to be able to go and see it. When I came back in UK it was still not sold and I drove to see it direct from France after doing 900 miles. And it was exactly to my expectation. Its a 1958 Low Light with a very cool faided/patina paint. I have the original engine .... in bits.... So lets the fun start....

 The Karmann come from originaly from Monterey Bay in California and has been imported in 2008.
 My new Karmann Low light next to my 1960 Combi Split

Saturday 11 July 2015

European Bug-In 6 - Chimay - Belgium 2015

Scary moment on the M20. The back tyre blew up but thankfully I had no other damage than the tyre itself.

 That's impressive...

 The only spare tyre I had was a slam tyre so the dilemma was to try to find a garage in UK and take the risk to miss the crossing or to get to France and sort it out over there.

Being only 30 miles from France that was the option chosen. And not far from the channel I've found this garage who was just about to close but the guy took the blown up tyre and changed it on the spot.

 Just to finish the journey I run out of petrol a few miles from Chimay. Good job I had 5 litres spare...

 These few picture were taken at the EMPI display

Tuesday 7 July 2015

creative Engineering Steering Rack

It was time to upgrade the steering on the bus. I have decided to upgrade to a new Creative Engineering Seering Rack. Big thanks to Stuart from Oildroppers for fitting it.
 Creative Engeneering Rack fitted on the bus.

 Tesoro bus on Oildroppers workshop

Friday 19 June 2015